Human rights law news & legal updates to follow

human-rights-legal-news-updatesHuman Rights Comment aims to bring you human rights law news & legal updates. A body of international law, international human rights law is designed to protect human rights at social,regional, and domestic levels.

International human rights law is incorporated into law at a national level by the government of the country.

The main international human rights bodies are:

African Union – this is a union of the 53 African countries. The aims of this organisation are to facilitate trade and co-operation between the African nations. It also seeks to improve the protections for human rights across African.

European Union – the Council of Europe is based in Strasbourg, France. The European Convention of Human Rights sets out the human rights which must be protected in law by all of the European states. The United Kingdom gives effect to the European Convention of Human Rights through the Human Rights Act.

United Nations Human Rights Council – this organisation seeks to improve human rights protections throughout the world.

Organization of American States – this body aims to promote peace and security throughout the American continent.