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human-rights-law-imageSadly millions of people are injured each year through no fault of their own on the road, in the workplace or public. Recently we spoke to a personal injury lawyer from a firm of London personal injury solicitors.

They are specialists in accident claims and their team of lawyers are frequently asked to support people with compensation claims. You have a right to legal advice if you have been injured through no fault of your own – and this interview gives more information on what’s involved.

Although many people are injured each year, a huge number are hesitant to making a claim as they do not know if they are entitled to make a claim, who can help them through the process and if they actually qualify to take legal action.

What Do I Need to Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Firstly, perhaps obviously, you must have been injured in an accident that was not your fault. You can only take legal action if your injury occurred in the last three years. If you fail to begin any proceedings three years after your injury, then you will be unable to take legal action.

Whiplash is a very common event leading to using personal injury solicitors.

If you were injured but responsible for your own injury then you will not be able to make a claim. Regardless of the extent of your injury, whether it was a minor case of whiplash or a serious head injury, you have the right to hold those responsible to account and the right to claim compensation.

Many injuries are fraudulently claimed for therefore it is imperative that you provide as much evidence as possible regarding your injury. Not only will solicitors require basic details about where, when and how your accident occurred, but our solicitors will also require evidence of your injuries such as a medical report, witness statements and photographic evidence. (please note if you do decide to use a personal injury lawyer then make sure they are members of the UK Law Society.)

How Much Could My Personal Injury and Accident Claim be Worth?

When you first make a call or enquire to our solicitors they may not be able to tell you exactly what your claim is worth, however, following a collection of the evidence and an investigation by solicitors they will be able to inform you of what you can expect to occur during your claim and what your claim could be worth. Naturally more serious injuries or injuries that have lasting repercussions will be worth a significant amount more in compensation.

While many people believe that if they have been only slightly injured and that it is not worth the hassle of going through a personal injury claim, when involved in an accident you can claim for more than just your injuries. You can also seek damages for any rehabilitation costs, any loss of income as a result of your injuries or even repairs following damages to property.

Will I Need a Personal Injury Solicitor?

Many people believe that if they are involved in an accident and suffer an injury. As a result, they will be awarded compensation. However, many people do not wish to claim responsibility for your injury and will try as many tactics as possible to not pay compensation. Therefore, it is vital to have a solicitor advising and supporting you to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Some personal injury claims are settled outside of court, thus having a skilled solicitor will ensure that you are given the right amount of compensation.

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