How Does Human Rights and Equality Law Effect Our Lives?

A recent article by the Guardian has highlighted the impact that human rights law and equality legislation can have on our everyday lives.

The Guardian reported that that drivers who live in areas with high numbers of ethnic minorities are much more likely to pay a higher car insurance premium that those who do not. It is estimated that people living in these areas will pay on average £450 a year extra.

These figures come from a report released by the former equality commissioner.

The Director of General Policy at the Association of British Insurers has said, “Car insurers have never and will never set prices based on ethnicity, as it is ethically wrong and prohibited by the 2010 Equality Act. Premiums are higher in certain parts of the country because claims costs are higher in certain parts of the country.” He also went on to criticise the lack of consultation of key players in the insurance market.

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A UK lawyer has also commented, “Discrimination on the basis of a person’s ethnicity, heritage or race is illegal under UK law.”

The Equality Act was brought into force in 2010 and drew together a series of equality legislation such as the Equal Pay Act, the Disability Discrimination Act and the Sex Discrimination Act.

Legislation such as this helps to protect us against from discrimination.

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